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Turning Your Ex-Girlfriend Into Your Fuckbuddy

  • 18 Nov

A relationship is a hard thing to get over, but sometimes, moving on is the best option. Perhaps this person was of great importance in your life and you aren't ready to say goodbye, yet a relationship isn't in the cards. Or maybe, they were a good fuck and you want more!

Just because the relationship didn't work out, doesn't mean it's the end of the road for you two. In today's society, relationships are becoming more and more difficult. It's becoming less of a requirement to marry at 20, have kids by 25, and settle down your life by 30. Previous generations might still hold that belief, but ours is more open to freedom and singularity.

With this regard, sleeping around - when single - is encouraged whereas marrying when you're 20 is terrifying. So maybe it's for the best that your relationship didn't work out, now you have more time to focus on yourself and to better you. But sex is still fun, and your now ex-girlfriend was good at it.

Here are the five basic steps of how to turn your ex-girlfriend into a fuckbuddy!

Step 1: Get Over Her

This may be the most important step in the whole process. Before you begin to pursue her with fuckbuddy-like intentions, you should better understand who you are and what you want. If you go into this right after the break-up, emotions will be high and there's a high possibility of the relationship restarting.

If this is what you are looking for, perhaps this isn't the article for you. There's a reason you both broke up, and it's for the best that you stay that way. Without the proper time to get over each other, one of you is bound to find feelings again which could lead to some messy discussions.

Sleep Around

There's no better way to get over someone, than to move on. One great suggestion that many relationship experts will give you is to look for something casual with someone else. There will always be times when you think back to your previous relationship, but when you're with someone else, those thoughts tent to slip away.

Improve Yourself

This is now time for you, and time for you to realize what might have led to the breakup. Anything that you're struggling with that you didn't allow yourself to address before can now get the attention it needs. Get over her by getting over yourself, make the changes you need in your life.

Step 2: Ask to Meet Up

Don't rush into this one, take your time on step one and really focus on getting over your ex. Once you feel you're ready to move on, contact them and ask them if they want to get coffee or something. This is not your chance to get back together with them, avoid the manipulation and keep this simple.

Keep It Short

Don't make this process longer than it has to be, the shorter the meet up, the better. All this needs to be is a time to get reacquainted and to make it less awkward when you finally pop the fuck buddy question.

This Is Not a Date

I cannot emphasize this enough: This is not a date! Think of it as more of a hang out between friends. You're back in the flirting process and you're trying to get your ambitions across to them to see if they have the same desires as you do. Use this to test the waters and to probe the possibility of getting back into bed with her.

Step 3: Avoid the Past

A key mistake that leads to broken hearts, angry exes, and awkward situations is a rehashing of the past. When you're on your date, it might be tempting to reminisce or joke about the past. This can be harmless and might lead to some fun conversation, but it also opens the possibility of striking a nerve. Bringing up the past could reopen an argument and ruin the chances of moving forward.

Don't Talk About the Relationship

This advice goes hand in hand with mentioning the past: don't do it! You're more likely to bring up past memories and emotions. If you talk about your relationship, two pathways could arise: You open old wounds and the arguments return - or you make her think you're looking to get back together.

Be Kind, But Move Forward

Don't be mean about it, if she brings up the past, don't shoot it down. Think about ways that you can direct the conversation forward rather than living in the past. The more you talk about the future, the more likely it is that you'll be able to move on. In this situation, it could help lead to a fuck buddy.

Step 4: Establish a Friendship

The friendlier you are the better. Once you become friends with your ex, you begin to remind them of the days before you were dating. Back when all that existed between you two was the heat and excitement of the flirting phase. This will revive memories of before the relationship when all they wanted to do was to see you.

The Awkward is Gone

With the friendship established and the excitement of the flirtatious phase rekindled, emotions and feelings will be less tense between the two of you. Any awkward encounters will be on their way out the door, clearing the room for you to propose the idea.

Step 5: Propose an Idea

The final step! You've prepared and established the groundwork for this final step. If you've read the signs along the way, and they've all pointed to continuing along this path, then you're ready to ask. This is the simplest step in the process, but possibly one of the hardest at the same time. Build up your courage, remind yourself that this isn't anything more than fuck buddies, and go for it.

Pursue and Enjoy

If she says yes, then you've got yourself a fuck buddy with your ex-girlfriend! Tending this fire can be tricky as one false step can lead to a difficult and awkward situation so make sure you're both keeping it as healthy as you can. Congratulations, you now have yourself a very familiar fuckbuddy!

Disclaimer: Don't Be Afraid to Move On!

If at any point in the process you get cold feet, or are receiving signs that this is not something that should be pursued, don't ignore them. If either of you decides you don't want this to happen, don't force the issue. Call it quits and move on! It wasn't meant to be when you broke up and it isn't meant to be right now.