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How To Tell That Your "Fuck Buddy" Is Now A Girlfriend

The relationship you have with your fuckbuddy is one of the craziest in your life when you think about it. What other context is there that blends one of the most intimate acts with one of the least personal relationships?

While you see each other naked all the time and share intense moments of passion, once it’s over, you’re nothing to each other. There’s no dating, no deep conversation, no spending time understanding each other better, and certainly no playing house.

While all of this describes a traditional fuck buddy relationship, there may come a time when things become a bit different. The dissociated personal dynamic begins to shift, and suddenly, aspects of a normal relationship creep in. Did she become your girlfriend? Well, here’s how you tell.

The Time Span

How long have you two been fuck buddies? While there’s no official time limit on such a relationship, it doesn’t usually last for any more than a couple of months. The reason for this is quite simple. There’s no real relationship, so there’s nothing substantial to keep you attached. It’s all about sex, and if there’s nothing else, getting bored of the same person quickly is a natural outcome.

If it’s been over several months and you still find yourself interested in her, there’s probably an intangible you can’t identify. You may tell yourself it’s only because the sex is hot and steamy, but the truth is that feelings have begun to enter the mix, and your FWB days are numbered.

Hanging Out

When you’re chilling at home, and your fuck buddy sends you a text, what’s the motivation? It’s sex, right? That is all you two do together, after all. So, imagine your confusion when you get a text message that isn’t asking about your next naked appointment.

The rules surrounding a fuckbuddy arrangement are not written, but they are understood. One of these is that no hanging out takes place because you don’t have that kind of relationship.

Whether she’s unaware of the rule or simply ignoring it, she is implying that she wants to spend time with you. It’s very hard to spend time around someone in this way without sharing personal details, finding stuff you have in common, etc. Dating is the first step to a relationship, right?

Text and Phone Conversations

Of course, you can’t just not communicate with your fuck buddy over the phone. If you didn’t, how would you ever arrange her vitamin D appointments? On that note, the type of conversations you are having says a lot about the dynamic between the two of you.

Fuck buddies don’t casually message each other for the sake of talking. They also certainly don’t call each other to talk about life’s struggles or to ask for advice. That’s why other relationships, such as friendships exist.

Talking on the phone is even more unlikely, as emotion, tone, pitch, etc., become a part of the mix, which makes the conversations even more personal.

It takes two to tango, so you can always just ignore her text messages or set her straight. Either of those options may cause you to come off as a bit of a jerk though they help you to achieve your objective.

Should you feel as if you genuinely want to talk to her about how her day was or her dreams, you’ve crossed a line that you can’t uncross. Here comes the relationship!

Sex Isn’t the End

A fuckbuddy relationship can be easily defined with a few simple steps:

  • Arrange to meet
  • Meet
  • Have great sex
  • Leave
  • Repeat

When steps start getting added to the formula, there’s a cause for concern. One such step is that of lingering. While you guys may meet for sex at a motel or a hotel, chances are your choice of venue is either your residence or hers.

Whoever doesn’t live at the house usually leaves once the cardio session is over. When that stops happening, then you have something to really think about. Maybe she just wants to lay down and have you cuddle her, or maybe you just feel as if you don’t want to leave her side.

Whatever the case may be, what has happened is sentiment has become a factor in the arrangement. You have placed a subconscious value on each other that compels you not to want to separate as you should.

Final Remarks

You see, a fuck buddy relationship is a bit complex. You’re living life on the dangerous side by sharing arguably the most intimate activity in a relationship with someone whom you have no real care for.

The feelings and factors associated with sex, however, can make this hard to maintain. So, there may come the point where you no longer see her as just a tool for your pleasure. You can check the video below out to hear more about the signs.