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MeetnFuck Via Tik Tok 2023 (TikTok MeetnFuck Guide)

  • 25 May

Have you ever believed in meet and fuck on TikTok? A lot of men have not, or if they already have, at least they have not looked at it that way. Professional hookers know that aside from Reddit, TikTok can be valuable for continuing a pursuit that started in real life.

Many people will provide you their TikTok handle before giving you their contact number, which hands you a way of communicating with and fascinating them on a practically made platform to facilitate naked selfies. However, meeting girls on Tik Tok for a hookup? That is not only how it works?

How to Meet and Fuck on TikTok: Expert Tips

You have been crushing on a girl, and finally, you have decided it is time to ask her out for a date. If you cannot talk to her face to face, you can ask yourself if sex should happen on first date. Aside from this, you can utilize TikTok to ask her on a date at the same time while showing off your personality, dynamite smile, and of course, your amazing sense of humor. From a hilarious approach to direct means of telling her that you are interested in going out, we will give you some amazing ideas on how to fuck sluts on TikTok. You better check this out!

Joke About Dating to Determine If She is Interested

You can add your prospect to a private story. You can also directly joke with her. Once you are able to draw her to your private story, you can utilize a slider to ask for her replies. Never take replies literally. She may be teasing you.

- Who is the cutest? Be honest; you can post this query with a poll. Place an image of you next to a lovely dog or cat or something funny and random, like food.
- How handsome do you think I am? Always think of this, girls are down to fuck so you better pair this query with sliders, so you are able to gauge her attention.
- On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to have a meet-up? Try this query in a flirty manner to get the discussion about hooking up going.

Utilize a Cheesy Image Pun to Ask the Lady Out

Pair an extremely literal image with a ridiculous caption. You can make the pun masterpiece with regulars’ images or utilize a video to allow your comedic timing as well as dramatic delivery to excel. Once you opt for a longer pun, use a video, so you do not need to fret about character limits on a caption.

- Send an image of a grape and tell her, I think you and I will have a sweet grape time if we go out!
- Switch on your gas stove and tell her, Is it hot there? Or is it only you? Come hang out, so we are able to check.
- Send her a historically themed photo or image of a magazine and tell her, “Learning about a vital date in history. Ask her if she wishes to go on one?

Sending Nerding Pick Up Online Will Really Work

Pick a pick up line which mentions a date or asks questions. Usual pick up lines are considered an ideal conversation starter. However, try these if you wish to move from flirting to asking her to go out. Since this platform limits characters for your caption, you are able to spread out your pick up line or write it down on paper and take a picture.

- I have heard looking at a screen is not good for your eyes. Why not have these discussions over a date tomorrow?
- My friend betted me I could not see the most stunning lady in the world. Where do you like to go to give out their money?

Be Clearer

Although you believe you are crystal clear- perhaps you can be clearer, particularly if the girl is a good listener.

If you like is to go down on her, why not tell them that. If what you like is a quickie hookup, say that. If you are not in the mood for a hook-up or considering having it, getting from there to hook up can feel like a far approach.

Providing someone a specific hook-up scenario provides more to go off. Once it ends up taking place, it also provides you with precisely what you like.

Daylong Pursuit Helps a Lot

Have dirty dreams regarding your Fuck Buddy? Consider the match you have been chatting up in a bathroom? Remember this way; your prospect tastes on the avenue to work?

Tell her sexting is the best foreplay. Begin with flirty and if she replies in kind, let the discussion build up over the period of the day. On the other hand, if she the discussion down, do not sweat it- keep on going with the day.

Comment on Her Story

Try this technique to keep things very casual yet direct. It is a bit less threatening than trying to send private pictures or images immediately, and you can utilize her images to get some ideas. Reply to her daily story on TikTok by combining the date question with comments on what you view in the pictures.

Once she posts an image of food, make a comment like you can teach me the proper way of cooking this meal? Then follow this up by asking him, how about later or tomorrow night?

If she is out somewhere, you can try saying that place or restaurant looks amazing. Do you want me to take you there? Just give me a heads up.

If you see the girl you want doing exciting activities; you can ask if you can do these together. You can try something like being amazed by those tips and tricks.


TikTok is one of the best social media apps at this point, where you can find new friends and show off your personality as well. On the other hand, a lot of people use this platform to meet and fuck as well. This is hard, but if you follow the tips mentioned, you will find it easy to meet and fuck on TikTok.