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The Signs a Girl Wants to Fuck You While Texting

Texting a girl is an exciting time. This is the moment when you aren’t quite sure if she’s into you, or where it is going to lead. But chances are you have a good idea she must be at least somewhat interested in casual sex, or she probably wouldn’t be messaging!

This is also a very delicate stage. You need to careful flirt if you hope to have sex tonight, but not enough that you end up coming on too strong and scaring her off. And of course, there’s always the chance that she does just want to chat (or that she’s looking for long term commitment) in which case you need to be very careful about the signals you’re sending!

So how do you know if a girl wants to sleep with you over txt? How do you increase your odds of having sex tonight? Let’s take a look at some pointers and find out how best to play this…

She Responds Right Away

If a girl wants to be your girlfriend, then there is a good chance that she’s going to play it cool. That means spending a while before responding, just to make sure that you don’t think she is “too keen.” If a girl wants to be your fuckbuddy though, then things change. If a girl is looking for a one night stand, then things change.

Here’s the thing: guys that are looking for hooking up do not care if a girl is too eager. Because guys are also super eager. Girls know this. So if she messages back right away in a way that doesn’t seem bunny-boilerish, then chances are that she game. Or she’s at least looking to have some serious fun.

She Flirts… Hard

There is flirting and then there is flirting. If a girl is gently teasing you, if she has good banter, and if she compliments you in an off-hand sort of way – then she is flirting. But that doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you!

But then again, if a girl says that she can’t wait to see you… all of you. Then that’s a whole different kind of flirting.

Flirtation that includes lots of winky faces, or flirtation that is gratuitously suggestive, will almost always suggest that a girl is at least open to the idea of being physical. In fact, girls who are not looking for a one night stand would generally be safer not using the winky face at all. That face is seriously promiscuous. ;-)

She Doesn’t Mind Your Advances

So what’s your game plan then? You’re going to message her about the weather and her favorite bands until she tells you she’s not wearing any underwear?

That’s not a great strategy! Instead, you need to initiate that flirtation. When you do this, you’ll quickly either get some back, or she will politely ignore the innuendo. (Or she might just not message back at all.)

Be a little bit forward then, and maybe talk about her body. See if she responds in kind, or just shrugs it off.

She’s Clearly Not Extremely Into You

If she’s asking you about your parents, or what your career aspirations are, then she might not be looking to fuck now – but rather to find a partner. If she doesn’t seem all that into you then you have a better chance. In fact, if she starts talking about other guys then there’s a good chance that she’s actually:

  • Trying to make you a bit jealous
  • Trying to show off just how popular she is with the fellas

That’s a good sign.

You Ask Her and She Says Ye

You know what though? Let’s stop messing around! If you really want to know if a girl wants to sleep with you… just ask!

The worst case scenario is that she says no, and you haven’t lost anything. The best case scenario is that you can now head into the night fully knowing what to expect, and salivating with anticipation.

My Closing Comments on Reading into Her Texts

Most of us get a good feeling as to whether a girl is looking for sex tonight or not, even via SMS. The problem is that many of us get too inside our own heads, and end up overthinking it.

You know what? If you think she’s up for it, she probably is! But at the same time, you should keep in mind that you can never know for sure, and that she is also entirely entitled to change her mind. So never go into a date expecting anything.

A date with a hot girl is awesome. If it ends up turning into a one night stand, then that’s even better! At least you have some idea which it’s going to be now!