About Free Meet n Fuck

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We are a team of highly qualified individuals who not only provide the you with the ultimate experience to find a fuckbuddy but we guarantee you will fuck tonight. Free MeetnFuck App is known for all of it's 100% real content, fast & reliable service. With our easy to use app you will be fucking in no time!

Creators: Kendra Masso, James Kolin & Samantha Pierce

Hi, my name is Kendra and I am the founder of Free Meet n Fuck. I'd like to also introduce you to James, head of programming and Samantha, head of PR and Social. Together we have built an amazing start up to fill the need of casual hookups. From all three having graduated from Goergetown University in 2014, we found that not everyone wanted to get married and start a family after graduating. The majority of college graduates want to pursue their career and not settle down until they're in their mid 30s. They want to have loose relationships, friends with benefits and more importantly, casual sex. I can attest :).

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to bring like-minded individuals that want to meet and fuck rather than meet and get serious and to build an exciting website paired with an app to make the process enjoyable and fun. To date we have brought together thousands of individuals from every state and mutliple countries. If you're not ready to settle down, come join our community of fuckbuddies!