girl in lingerie in the sun light

Are Girls Really DTF (Down to Fuck)?

  • 20 May

So you’re watching porn, and you notice when the guy casually makes a move to a girl. In just mere minutes, you see their clothes flying off their bodies, the girl’s legs up in the air, with both of them humping like bunnies. Now, it gets you thinking. Is it really that easy to get a girl in bed with you?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a mind-reading superpower or are not as keen as Sherlock, the answer is NO. However, these surefire signs can surely help you decipher the female psyche and figure out if they’re indeed DTF.

Asking You to Spend Some Time with Her…ALONE

If this isn’t a telling sign to you, then we don’t know what is. Women don’t usually ask this with any other guy, but only with men they feel safe or comfortable around. So, if she’s inviting you for a couple of drinks then asks you to join her back to her place, this could be a signal from her about exciting things she has planned out for later—be sure and read the room to avoid any awkwardness.

Flirty Texts and Conversations

Women love giving verbal clues. So, if you receive more compliments from her than usual--say through your recent chat or send signs over texts, that may be a good indicator. Suggestive jokes and questions about your love life or sex life may also lead to a naughty conversation that she may play out in a coy manner; you better watch out.

Telling You Outright that She Wants to Get Laid

Women are keen to have sex than you would imagine, and there have been studies and facts to show for it. This outright consent is your best ticket to sleeping with a girl, and be grateful that she has granted you this rare privilege!

Joining hookup sites and apps

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