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Getting out of the friends zone and fuck tonight - 7 ways

At the present time romantic relationships are seen everywhere and all of them seem to be happy. There are also some unique relationships in the society that are less appreciated by the public, but at the same time it is also a very important kind of relationship. Friends with benefits is one of those relationships where two people can fuck tonight to satisfy their own physical needs and there are strings attached in this relationship. In this article I will discuss what to do and not to do in a FWB relationship.

Post Romp Meal

After sexual intercourse people may feel like eating something delicious like burger or burritos with their partner. It is fine to eat, but it is highly recommended not to eat together with the fuck buddy as eating together is an action which is done when two people are dating each other and in a proper relationship.

Eating is strictly not recommended as it might create a feel of the proper relationship between sex pals and blur the friends with benefits setup. When two people after fucking eat food together, then it is just like a relationship which both the people do want to be in. So they should share only sex until they eventually part way. If a person really feels hungry then he or she should wait for the partner to leave.

No Gifts

When two people are dating each other then it is very common that they gift each other something very nice and beautiful to show their love and appreciation for each other. It is very much important for the people who are dating each other to remember some special dates like each other’s birthday and anniversary but in a friend with benefits relationship people are not required to remember anything about their partners.

They fuck in frequent time periods and it can be considered to be the only gift that they should give each other. Memorizing each other’s birthdays or other things are absolutely unimportant and unnecessary.

Do not Hangout with Each Other

It is strictly recommended that two people in a friend with benefits should not hang out with each other. It is very obvious that the partners will not even wonder that why they are only having sex and not going into a relationship; this is how a FWB relationship works. The partners will only bother each other when they need to fuck and there is no other reason for bothering each other.

Going out together, spending a good time is out of question and it will also ruin the present FWB relationship or setup. It is recommended for the fuck buddies to never go out together for a movie and for a lunch or dinner date as it might create a different impression on the partner. The person might think that his or her partner wants something more other than just sex. If a person is in a situation that he or she has extra tickets for a movie even then he or she should not ask out their fuck buddy; the person can go out with any other friend or can sell the ticket to someone else.

Expand your social circle

The best way to meet a fwb is to meet new people. Go to a party a friend is hosting, or invite your friends to get together and tell them to invite others. Then try to talk to and meet new people. Once you’ve met someone and flirted with them a bit, you can put it out there that you want a sex buddy. If they’re open to it, you can sleep with them and see how it goes It might end up being an amazing fwb situation!

No Talking

Communication is a very important factor in any FWB relationship, but that does not mean that the partners should all of their personal and emotional aspects with each other. They should remember they are not in a romantic relationship and moreover the partners are usually not interested in each other personal life in a relationship that only includes sex and physical satisfaction. There are situations where people tend to remember about their past romantic relationships while fucking with the sex buddy and this urges them to share about their past and personal information with each other.

Sharing more personal information can attract the emotion of the partner and the next time they will not have only sexual intercourse but also share about their personal life; this will lead them to have feelings for each other and both of them will end up in a relationship. A person should remember that fuck buddies are only fuck buddies; not less not more so they should not share personal details with them.

Stay Together

Most of the relationships come to an end after a certain period of time; this can happen due to many reasons that include both personal and professional reasons. Relationship with the fuck buddy is one such relationship that a person does not want to extend to any further level; the partner can be super hot and is amazing in bed but still they are not the ideal relationship material. Spending time together is a very important aspect in an FWB relationship; if a person stays for a long time in a FWB relationship with someone, then there are high chances that they might fall for each other.

Starting a relationship with the fuck buddy has never ended well in most of the situations; they tend to leave each other soon and go back to the FWB relationship with some new guy. This might hurt the feelings of both the partner and can have negative effects on them. So due to all these reasons, it is never a good option to go into a relationship with the fuck buddies as these relationships never ends well.


Sexting mostly happens in a proper relationship where the two people in a relationship sext each other to spice things up when they are not in physical contact or out of town. A fuck buddy is already up for sex so sexting them is basically useless. They do not need any kind of warm up before having a sex. Like I said before that a bit of sexting in a romantic relationship is good as it spice things up between them but it is unimportant for the fuck buddies as they are ready to have sex any time they are asked.

Stay away from her friends

After you have broken up with your fuck buddy, don’t try to socialize with her friends. If she sees you fraternizing/sleeping with her friends then there is a chance that she can blackmail you so avoid the hassle with clean break.